Marketing automation is a game changer for any company. They can get many benefits marketing automation. If you want to build an effective marketing automation strategy then you need a deep Knowledge. Understanding of your target audience, your services, your product, and your buyer’s journey. So now every marketing automation use cases I’ll show you in this article is possible for your company or business.

1. Identify and Reach out to Leads When They're Most Likely to Buy

A “hot lead” is someone who is very interested in buying something and has enough money to buy. But It is a bit more complicated for SaaS, B2B, E-commerce, so here are a few reliable ways for you to define a “hot lead:”

  • Based on the page visit
  • Based on actions
  • Based on the lead information
  • Based on the lead score
  • Based on conversations in chat or a demo

You can then take this list of Hot Leads and promote my website. Promotion of website is possible by triggering a sales email, internal sales notification, phone call or even a dynamic change.

2. Reduce Ecommerce Cart Abandonment with Follow-up Email

If you have an e-commerce site or online store and someone has visited your product page. When he visited then selected a product or service, reached checkout page and then add an item to their shopping cart. after this almost complete processing, he/she didn’t complete the transaction. That’s something frustrating. You were so close;

This use-case gives you a strategy for dealing with direct shopping cart abandonment. In this case, you can deliver an email which notifies them of a discount on that product, and prompts them to complete their purchases.

3. Send an Internal Sales Reminder so Nobody Slips Through the Cracks

In marketing automation can be a safety net, having your back. when you don’t have the time to check every single one of your thousands of leads and customers then it works.

Like Internal email, it’s like facebook reminds, you can set your marketing automation to important. It means it will ping(reminder) you when something important occurs within your website, funnel or customer lifecycle.

4. Nurture Blog Subscribers into Sales with an Email Drip Campaign

Expose them to the proper content which will turn them from a prospective customer into a loyal one. For this send leads from your segment sensitive content campaigns into a single segment or marketing automation list. When someone new came to this list (by converting on one of the landing page campaigns) then it good for you. You could send them a series of emails focused on what they’re interested in while encouraging a paid conversion.