Today everyone can start selling online, however, it’s not that easy to make the business profitable. No matter how much money, time, and effort you put into your website, you will still be losing customers. Research shows, 66% of shopping carts are left abandoned. What can you do to retain those customers? To help, we’ve outlined 4 best practices:

1. Pop-up with a special offer

Unforeseen expenses is a number one reason why visitors abandon their shopping cards. Packing, taxes, delivery – when it all adds up to the price of the product, many customers are left disappointed.

If you can’t promise free shipping to everyone, then why not make it an exclusive offer? For example, free shipping for purchases over 50$. In other words, give additional encouragement to increase your average check. In the long run, it saves you potential customers and reduces the percentage of abandoned carts.

2. Series of welcome emails

In general, adding new users to your userbase is the first step to reducing lost sales. Even if a visitor leaves their email address, there’s still a chance they won’t buy anything. Therefore, it’s a good idea to offer a promo code in a welcome email or as a thank you for a subscription.

The purpose of this sequence of emails is to prolong the visitor’s interaction with your brand and convince them to make a purchase.

Bonus tip: if you want your promo code to work even better, make it a limited time offer.

3. Retargeting

Remind visitors about abandoned carts through ads. Study their behavior to create a convincing message.

Here are a few examples of such advertising messages:

  • 10% discount if ordered right now
  • Free shipping
  • A reminder that they can get the product while the sale last (include the deadline)

4. Automated campaign with an incentive to purchase

Sometimes you only need to send a reminder. With a marketing automation, a message can be triggered by any action or event. Personalize it to add a human touch to the interaction.

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