Adwords Management

Target your ideal customer and increase your ROI

We take your advertising to the next level. Stop wasting money on clicks that never convert into sales. Based on the results from your campaign, we will improve your ads and reduce your PPC.

We will handle every aspect of the setup, meaning that all you need to do is reap the benefits that come with Adwords advertising.

$350 per month




We offer a variety of pay per click advertising management and optimisation solutions to help you convert traffic into leads.

  1. Daily maintenance of your Adwords advertising account
  2. Weekly ad management, including best keyword research, copywriting to make sure your ads stay fresh
  3. Regular adjustments to ads based on demographic analysis
  4. Landing page optimisation and suggestions
  5. Frequent consulting to give you useful advice and tips that will allow you to maximise your Adwords ads

Package includes:

  • Maintenance of your Adwods advertising account
  • Best keyword research
  • Weekly ad management
  • Regular adjustments to ads based on demographic analysis
  • Landing page optimisation and suggestions
  • Frequent consulting

What do we need to start the work

  • 20-30 minute conversation to determine goals and aims, and expectations
  • Gain insight into your target market for market research
  • Access to any required advertising accounts

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