Design Unlimited

Unlimited design services to make your great ideas come true

We know how phenomenally important it is to make your product comply with what your customers expect to see, especially when you have a great idea and want to look it perfectly.

We offer you unlimited design services to make your great ideas come true. BeanJungle will provide you with any graphics that your office or business might require.

Let us help you with all of your design needs.

$450 per month



We offer:

  • Logo/covers/card design or unlimited editing tasks
  • Awesome infographics
  • Professional photo editing
  • Appealing vector graphics
  • Promotion materials

We use up-to-date software, and all we will need is a task with short description and sketch of what you want to have. And after that, our designer will live out your idea.

If you are organising marketing campaign that either requires a printed poster, flyer or even a display banner, we can create them for you. Besides this, we can provide basic consultation needs for your marketing campaigns.

What do we need to start the work

  • 20-30 minute conversation to determine goals and aims, and expectations
  • Gain insight into your target market for market research

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