A properly defined and comprehensive sales funnel is one of the most powerful tools in marketing strategy. Creating a sales funnel also gives you greater focus. It allows devoting your time and resources to working with the right leads, instead of spreading yourself too thin chasing leads.

Our sales funnel also helps to predict which profit amount you’ll get from the successful deal. We apply a specific approach that depends on your audience, but some strategies apply across the board.


How We Do It

We will create a complete sales funnel, this includes everything from selection of initial traffic source (this will probably be PPC depending on product you are selling) to sales.

We will make sure that we are targeting the correct people with the correct product and put your product through our customer value optimisation, which will ensure that you are getting the most revenue for every customer.

The funnel structure may look this way:

Initial traffic source: we select the traffic source based on your target market expectations, this can be some form of PPC (paid).

Сlients landing: we use a lead magnet as a free resource of interest to your audience that will allow you to make more money from each customer later down the funnel by adding them to a mailing list.

Irresistible offer: a low priced product or service to speed up a turn of freebie to paying customer.

Main offer: this is your main product, whatever that is, this is what the earlier stages have led to.

Profit maximizer: this is where profit is made, this is essentially the upsells.

Retargeting: we can show people adverts about based on what they look at on your site on other sites such as Facebook, Instagram etc. 

Email marketing: we use the email addresses gathered to set up an automated system of moving people further down the funnel.

These steps make sure that people are receiving exactly what they are interested in.

To set up the funnel itself we need about a month on average. And a 30 minute conversation to determine goals, aims, and expectations.


25 days



What do we need to start the work

  • 20-30 minute conversation to determine goals and aims, and expectations.
  • Gain insight into your target market for market research
  • Access to your website
  • Access to any required advertising accounts

Are you ready?

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