It’s no surprise that Instagram is now being used as a brand-building platform, where regular customers can find the visual representation of a business. Therefore the app offers tons of opportunities for your brand, and a strong Instagram presence can be beneficial to you.

The real challenge is to use its limited features of editing, captioning and publishing to market your products or services to a more targeted and interested audience. We want to help you reach a broader audience and engage more with your existing followers. That’s why we decided to share with you one of our most successful case studies and tell you more about the strategy we used.

block of pictures wood and beard

Wood and Beard is an Instagram community of wood lovers. They deliver fresh ideas on how to make life easier and home looking better.

Account Growth: 530%
Engagement Growth: 254%

When we started working with this client, they only had 280 followers and average 30 likes per post. After just a couple of month BeanJungle raised the number of followers to 2800 and increased user engagement to 103 likes per post. We gained 2,420 of new and real followers who are interested in the client profile.

You may ask: “How did you get there?”

Here are some tips that will help you build brand awareness and grow your Instagram account:

1. Set your goals

The first step to using Instagram for business is setting your goals. What are you looking for? What results do you expect from your profile? You can use Instagram simply as a platform for communicating with customers. Or you can showcase your products or services. Are you going to drive online sales? Build overall online presence?

Determining specific goals will help you to create the most effective strategy for your business. So think of everything you’re planning to use an Instagram account for.

You can also think of your goals in terms of numbers. What number of followers are you trying to reach? How many posts are you going to upload every day?

2. Study your audience

You can’t start marketing without knowing your audience. Do some research to develop an understanding of who your customers are and what they value. What are they interested in? What is most likely to attract their attention? Check out other brands in your industry, read reviews. It will help to identify what is important to a customer and what to avoid.

This information wiil help to hone your strategy and content. As a result, your product/service will get more value to customers.

3. Develop brand guidelines

The next step is to make your brand recognizable. Building awareness and credibility among your audience is impossible without a style guide. The goal of the guideline is to create content that will be specific to your brand. Here are some tips:

  • If you have a website, apply the same visual style guide to your Instagram account. That includes fonts and colors too.
  • Post high quality pictures. You can either take photos yourself, or use the stock
  • Think of a certain color palette that best represents your brand and is appealing to the

Remember that people trust others more than they do brands. That’s why marketers have developed a concept of brand humanizing. It’s based on engaging with customers on a meaningful and personal level. You can make your brand more friendly, inviting, and human by sharing photos of people who work in your company, social events in the industry, work process, and so on.

4. Create content

There are 3 main types of content to use on Instagram:

  • Photos. Before publishing them, consider adding hashtags. Effective hashtagging can
    bring in more followers.
  • Instagram stories. This type of content is new to the platform, but attracts more interest.
  • Instagram video. It’s a combination between Snapchat and Facebook Live. You can take customers live behind the scenes of product making or answer their most
    frequent questions.

Instagram also has useful features such as geotagging and advertising. Adding your location to photos is another great way to interact with existing followers and gain new ones. If your office is open to public, the followers will now know how to find you. For advertising you can use photo, video or carousel ads.

5. Develop a content plan

Before you set up a new Instagram account, develop a calendar for your content. First, make a list of different content types that you’d like to post. It doesn’t have to be all product-related. Consider sharing references, BTS looks, customer testimonials.

The calendar will help to stay on track. Plan ahead any events and think how to work it out with your content. Also keep up with the popular trands on social media and try to implement them on your account.

6. Analyze your successes and failures

You can follow all the marketing rules and use all the best practices, but you can only find what works best for your business through analyzing and testing. Regularly measure follower count, numbers of clicks and engagements.

At the moment Wood and Beard has over 3300 followers and the number is constantly growing. Want to see those numbers on your Instagram account? Contact us now and we’ll find an Instagram strategy that works best for you!