Acquiring new customers and keeping them are two completely different tasks. And if the first objective can be quite challenging, especially as you are just starting your business, the second one will require even more time and effort.

Mr. Kevin Kelly, the founder of WIRED, said in his essay “1000 True fans” that all your business needs is 1000 true fans that will support your product and will be ready to buy every new item you offer.

Of course, we understand that reaching this number of loyal customers may be challenging, but let’s look on some ideas of how we can bring value to your customers and attract more loyal clients to your business.

1. Send an exclusive offer

It could be as simple as a seasonal offer that you send out to your most loyal customers on Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day, etc. And this is where marketing automation comes in handy since you can set up different features and triggers that are activated in accordance with set requirements.

Tip: How do you determine your most loyal customers? Try a scoring feature to find out who’s more active than others.

2. Offer complementary goods

After a large purchase, it might be a while until the customer makes the next one. That’s why it’s a good idea to sell complementary items to go along. When you buy a car you understand that you will need to buy gas. In the same way, you can think about what complementary goods you can offer to your customers?

Do you sell smartphones? Why not sell along portable battery charges or headphones to complement your main product.

Providing your customer with complimentary items will help you to upsell as well as maintain a regular connection with your customer.

3. Reward frequent customers

Studies by Bain and Company show that after making only three purchases, the likelihood of customer buying your product next time is 54%.

To compare, the average return of a single purchase customer is 27%, which proves the importance of rewarding clients loyalty.

Also, it shows that repeat customers spend on average 67% more after shopping with the company for 30 months.

With a marketing automation, you can track the number of purchases customer makes within one month. Then you can use this information to set up a trigger for sending an exclusive offer to your most frequent buyers.

4. Send a reminder to clients who haven’t purchased in a while

Nowadays in the ever-busy world is very hard to keep track of all things you need to do. And it’s the same for your customers. They might like your product but also they could easily forget about it.

Therefore make sure you don’t lose any of your customers and send them reminders if they haven’t made a purchase in a while. Although the discount system is not always a good idea for your current customers, it’s a great trigger that allows to get them back. Thus try offering a discount or another limited time opportunity.

5. Maintain a relationship

It’s important to ask your customers for opinions and reviews. Launched a new product? Ask your clients to tell you how they feel about it and what they liked or disliked the most.
In order to stay on top, you need to constantly think of how to improve your product to make it even better.

Soliciting regular feedback and surveys will show what you do well and what requires refinement. Also, it will help understand your customers’ needs better.

There are many more tips we can give you, but the main idea is that your loyal customers are the most important ones’. Offering them an exclusive deal, asking them to give an opinion or rewarding frequent buyers will only make your business more stable.