Email marketing evolves with each year, but the two aspects that define the success of an email are the same. Of course, we’re talking about data and marketing. The more data you have, the more effective and personalized your messages can be. The more high-quality and thoughtful content you create, the more subscribers get engaged.

To help you get the most of your emails, we’ve outlined some tips, tactics, and lessons, that will help you become better at email marketing.

1. Only send emails to those, who are interested

Analyze the open rates and clicks of every email you send. Create a scoring system that will help you filter out those subscribers who don’t show any signs of action. It is much more effective to work with interested subscribers, rather than try to reach more people. If a subscriber doesn’t read your emails, leave them alone and don’t waste your money and time.

2. Try to revive your database

If you see that too many people have entered the “dead zone”, and you’re not ready to let them go, give them a last chance to engage. Create an email that will definitely catch their eye, put more time into design and content, maybe even add some gaming elements. With a proper email you might get 10-20 percent of subscribers back, but if this doesn’t work, go back to the first lesson and focus on the active audience.

3. Every email should have a goal

If there is no goal, there shouldn’t be a letter. The “goal per email” approach helps to reach one goal using multiple tactics within one channel. Once you think every step through, it is much easier to get the desired effect, but sending emails just for the sake of sending something isn’t going to do you any good.

4. Personalize and test

Personalization can be very simple, such as a name substitution, and very complex – involving changing blocks depending on the given conditions. If you haven’t done this before – start small. Once you start experimenting, analyze the reports to get insights into what might have influenced your subscriber’s decisions.

5. Don’t lose those who subscribed to your content

People who fill out subscription forms on your website are most likely to become your loyal customers. It is up to you to meet their expectations. If you promised a weekly newsletter – never miss it. Find interesting cases, experiment with design, and work on quality content – you’ll get the results soon.

6. People unsubscribe, and it’s okay

You can’t please everyone. However, it is important to understand why they unsubscribed. You might want to reconsider your content or email frequency.

7. Email marketing is hard, but it works

Good content is the result of hard work, and creating emails requires some preparation, time, and effort. Start small – create a 3-months plan and prepare the templates and content, and then start building the workflows.

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